Proverbs 29:18
                                                                                        Don’t let your vision die.
                Father has a plan. He puts our part of that plan in our hearts in the form of visions of something he wants to use us to accomplish.  I have a couple visions going on right now. But I would ask each of my friends what has Father planted in your heart. What is that one thing that you need to not give up on?  You may be at the end of your rope. You have tried everything you can think of to have your vision accomplished and nothing has worked.  It’s time to ask.  Father what is it You want?  I can’t do this, what is it you want!?  It’s his vision he has placed within you. Much like he places a child within his/her mother.  If things are getting tough, that could very well be the enemy attacking strongly to take out the vision.  It’s time to counter attack with prayer and action.  Remember Michael W. Smith’s song secret ambition.   The Christ knew the enemy would try to stop the redemption of man.  Still he did not quit.   Instead of giving up it’s time to attack.  It’s time to go after the enemy with all the powers of heaven that are at our disposal.   It’s time to go forward with all of Gods power and majesty.  Now is the time to go on the offensive.
Go in peace