Proverbs 29:18
                                                                     Don’t let your vision die.
Yesterday another glitch.  Looks like another set back.  I am trying to get out on a book tour.  Eli is alive and well, people who have read it are giving it great reviews.  I looked at the set back I got yesterday and was ready to call this trip quits.  Then my daughter Rebecca called me out.  She told me (in a very intense voice) that Christians give up to easily on what God is leading them to do.  “Don’t you understand sometimes what God is calling you to do get’s hard.”   She continued by saying Christians quit because things just don’t fall into place.  As I walked into the house after taking some steps that I hope will keep me moving I smiled.  I said to Beck “Thanks I needed to hear that.”  When you’re given a vision by our Father, don’t let it die.  Take the set backs and use them to accomplish more things to see the vision accomplished.  We have set before us work that our Father in heaven through the Son by the Spirit wants accomplished.  Let’s get done what we need to and see the kingdom grow.
Go in peace