Proverbs 22:6 
Bring up a child in the way he should go.
A few simple words yet so profound.  Kids watch Mom and Dad.  They learn life’s lessons from mom and dad.  They know in their heart what is right and wrong from what they watched with mom and dad.  I was corresponding with a young man yesterday who has a bent on bringing dishonor to his family.   His postings on Facebook are depraved and evil.  I called him on it.  I watched this young man grow up.  He was not disciplined in the home.  He was shown all through his life very few moral absolutes that would guide him through life.  He was raised by a single mother who was overwhelmed by life and was unable because of her own junk to bring any moral compass to his life.  All one has to do is look around and one can see this person in many, many people.  Don’t condemn them, pray for them.  Be praying that our Father will reach down and show them who he really is, and guide them into what he has for them.
Just lift them to Father.
Go in peace