Proverbs 19:21

                                                                Do our plans line up with our Fathers?

What happens when our Father in heaven breaks into our reality? What happens when we have decided to do something and Father has other plans?  Ever wonder why your life is directed in one direction rather than another? Let’s take a look at Moses for example.  What would have happened if he would have said No to Father when he was told to go before Pharaoh?  Father would have found someone else to lead his people is the simple answer.  I want to ask you one simple question.  Do you want to be honored by the Most High God?  Do you want to be touched in ways that few people are?  The way to see this happen is really quite simple.  When Father through his Spirit by His son the Christ directs your path don’t run from it, don’t shy away from it, but embrace it.  It’s time start to covet that thing that our Father has purposed and created you to accomplish.  Don’t worry about your plans being changed, but instead receive Fathers glory in it.  As we become more fluid in our reaction to things then Father can truly use us in the ways that will change people’s lives forever.  Things don’t happen by accident, but look for Fathers purpose in everything.  Simply ask how Father wants us to act in every situation that presents itself to us. By doing so we will see Fathers glory in all that happens.

Go in peace