Proverbs 16:9
                                                                                              Steph and John
Things seemed a bit off today.  I went about making calls as usual.  Nothing really seamed to fit.  Little did I know the divine appointment that our Father in heaven had planned.  I made some credit card calls, but again everything seemed just a bit off.   I even stopped the bike and simply prayed Father I am not moving until you show me where to go.  I was reminded that I had to pick up a machine so went home got the car and went back and picked up the machine.   Then I went and picked up my Daughters wedding present. Hope she like it.  Came back to the office and worked a bit.  Then I remembered the family night at church.  Was going to hop on the bike and was reminded that I had to order business cards for the business and for marketing Eli.  I turned and went back into my office and got the ordering done.  Then I headed out. By this time I was running late or so I thought.   As I came to the corner I noticed another bike, I felt compelled to stop.  Turned out they were believers from southern Missouri up her for a bike rally.  They wanted to get to Enger Tower.  I offered to show them the way.  They were enthused about the prospect.  I asked the question I ask so many people . Steph the wife loves to read. I showed her Eli.   She told her husband she really wanted a copy.  I signed it for them and we headed for Enger.  When we arrived we prayed together for a few minutes. I prayed for their safety on their travels and they prayed for my writing. All in all a pretty amazing time.  Just remember, we make the plans but Father directs our steps. 
Go in peace