Today we say good bye. I would like to take this little time and honor my mother in law Helen Haggy.  Mom rest in peace.

Proverbs 31:10-31

                                                                Picture of Mom Haggy

  Helen was raised by believing parents she learned early what a believing woman would look like.  She honored our Heavenly Father in all that she did.  She honored him as a child growing up, until the day he took her Home.  She stepped from a finite life to an infinite one the second she received Christ as a child.  She would walk with our Lord every day of her life.  That honor of our Father would continue from the time she met Adolph our Dad, through the birth of all her children.  She honored God by first loving Him, praising his son, and living by the spirit.  She honored him in the changing of our diapers and kissing our hurts.  She honored her Father in heaven by loving her grandkids.  The look of total love and acceptance as she would hold them and gaze on their innocence was an amazing thing to be hold.  Mom is a picture of what a woman of God really looks like.  We each have to say good bye for a while, but it’s just for a while.  Last Sunday she took a step in life.  The day she accepted Christ her eternal life began.  Her mortal body may have died, yet her life continues on.  We will miss you mom, we will long to hold you and be held by you.  We will miss the sound of your gentle voice.  We will miss your smile and your laugh.  We will miss your expression of love and caring.  Most of all we will miss you and your love.   Mom enjoy the Lords peace, his caring, and most of all his Joy. 

We love you

Your kids

Both by birth and marriage