Philippians 4:13
                            What limits are we placing upon ourselves? 
Do we look at something and think. “I can’t do that.”  How many times has greatness escaped us because we just thought something was beyond what we could accomplish?  Or how many times have we thought something was just plain impossible to do.  I can do all things through Christ who gives us strength.  The key words here are I CAN.  The problem is not Can I do it, the question is will I step beyond my comfort zone and do it.  We are all given talents, some hidden. But when those talents are revealed to us we do have an obligation to use those talents for our Fathers glory.  It is such a rush to be used to touch the life of someone.  The rush only accelerates when we see that person really start to grow in Christ.  But the fact of the matter is sometimes our Father will call us to do some strange things that will put us in a position to see that life changed by the power of Jesus Christ.  We have to realize that there is nothing he asks us to do that we cannot accomplish.  It’s just a matter of having the courage to do it.  The question is not, can I do all things. We can! The question is will we do all things through Christ that he calls us to?
Go in peace