Philippians 4:8-9
                                                       Meditate on these things.
Have you ever had one of those days when nothing, I mean absolutely nothing goes the way you want it?  One of those days when you walk into your house, sit in an easy chair, and think to yourself sometimes life just sucks.  It’s at this point that we are at a crossroad and have to choose.  We can spend time meditating on the badness of the day we were just involved in, or we can start to think about the way the day happened and ask Father what are the positive things that happened in the day that we can learn from and use to not have the negative things happen again.  This is the point at which we can see Father bring Romans 8:28 to life.  You see, Father can bring good out of anything for those of us who are called according to His purpose.  So next time you have had one of “those” days. Walk in the door. Grab a cup of coffee, milk, soda or whatever.  Walk over to your favorite chair and simply pray.  Father you know the kind of day I have just had.  Nothing went right. Your word says you will work all things to good for those who love you and are called according to your purpose. Your word also tells us we are to meditate on those things which are pure, just, noble, and lovely.  Show me the things I need to meditate on.  Did you have things that went wrong in which you ended up making it right for someone? Was there something that was not lovely that your time and effort made it lovely for someone else?  Did you make something pure and holy that was not?  Think on these things. Father, through his Son, by his Spirit will use you. They do use you for their glory.
Go in peace