Philippians 4:7 

The peace that passes all understanding.

Yesterday I had just received the credit card statements from the one of the largest eating establishments on the North Shore of Lake Superior. I had told them I would be back with their proposal shortly.  I was in a hurry to get back to my office so I could Fax in the statement, get the proposal back and get it out to them.  The thought hit me to make a stop at a furniture store on the way back.  I had to run on an old street to accomplish it. As I did so I saw the worship leader from our church at the end of his driveway with his kids getting the mail. Stopped to say Hi to Luke.  He invited me in for coffee.  Looked at my watch, but really felt for whatever reason that was something I needed to do.  One has to understand Luke and Lesha.  This is a family that is totally sold out to Christ.  Not with an in your face type of sold out, but one of peace and assurance that Christ is in control, one of total faith in all that they do.  As I walked in I felt it, I was hit in a way that brought a peace to my spirit that I had not felt in a while.  The spirit of our Father was there in such a powerful way that it almost brings a person to their knees just walking in.  That type of peace only comes when one’s family is totally connected with the spirit of God.  The exciting thing is that same peace can be had by everyone who is sold out to Christ.

When one stops running from our Father and surrenders we are promised the peace that passes all understanding.  It’s time to do like the worship song says, Pass it on. Be that vehicle that Father uses to pass on his peace.

Go in his peace

Pass it on