Philippians 4:7

                                                The peace of God that passes all understanding will keep your hearts and minds.

Yesterday was a totally frustrating day for me.  Seemed that the one thing I, key word here, had been pouring myself into for the last few years was just sitting there.  Nothing was happening, nothing was moving forward.  My frustration level was growing to such a level that I felt like I was going to burst.  The problem was the key word above. ā€œIā€ somehow that word has to get out of our vocabulary.  Somehow we have to go beyond seeing accomplishment that are completed through us as something we do, and seeing the accomplishments that are completed through us as something are Father does.  I encourage you to read John 15. Christ is the vine, we are the branches. Every branch that bears fruit he prunes.  Sometimes that pruning is painful.  But in order for us to accomplish more we must be pruned.  We must have the rough edges made smooth.  Think of a scruffy branch, trim it, and it looks beautiful. That my friend is what Father is doing with us.  Father does not look at the immediate, the right now, he looks out and see results that are years down the line.  We cannot see the big picture, we see the right now.  Our vision cannot see the big picture that Father does. We must force ourselves to trust his timing. We must be willing to sit back, express our frustrations to Father about the situation as we see it.  Then the thing we need to do is ask for his peace. Remember this; we have not because we ask not.  He will accomplish that which he has given us to do.

Go in peace