Philippians 4:6
                                                                And I thought I had problems.
In the last few days things have happened that would put worry and concern in anyone’s mind.  My grandson Soren a newborn was flown from Roseau to Fargo because of his RSV, I started praying for the little guy.  He is on the mend. Many people have been and are praying for the little guy.  I still covet all of your prayers for this little guy.  I trust Father does have everything under control. 
Second thing that has happened this week is this. Friday night I took Aaron and Ryan to see Lakeview Christian play Northwood’s in basketball. The guys had a great time and got to shake hands with one of the stars of Lakeview.  Yesterday I went to watch practice.   Lakeview high school has a student body of 80 kids.  Three of their starters, the key three to the team were out sick.  I could see panic in the coach’s face.  I was told by a wise man once that Satan throws his best before God throws his best.   Here’s what it comes down to.  Are we going to put our full faith and confidence in our Father through the Son by the Spirit, or are we going to put our Faith in flawed individuals.  When Father places you in the position of leadership we have choices.  Gideon when he launched his attack against 20,000 with 300 took the men that God has given him for that battle.  He took no other, just those men. God gave the victory.  The thing to remember is those men were trained for battle.  They were not second string, Father gave them the victory.  All the men knew the “plays” and were ready to step up.  They were coached well.  We are supposed to make our needs known to our Father. We are supposed to trust him in every circumstance.  The victory is Gods. Not ours. Father see’s our needs long before they hit us.  He supplies all of our needs according to his riches in Glory.  We need to be praying and asking our Father what we have to do to meet those future needs that he has already supplied the answer to. As we do that then our Father can prepare us for the attacks of the enemy in a way that can be truly amazing
Go in peace