Philippians 4:19
                                                                        I have a tense problem
What does this have to do with God shall supply all of my needs according to His riches in glory.  I have completed two books. The first Eli greatness begins is now in publication.  It will be out in September.  Part of the process is something called conceptual editing.  I received the book back from the publisher telling me I had a tense problem. So besides the normal editing of fixing situations in the book that were counter productive I changed all the tenses.  To be honest going through the project and changing is to was a thousand times at least was a mundane task at best.  I did not fully understand the problem it really caused. I just went through and made the changes.  It was a need I did not even know I had. It was a need for understanding of a problem that actually would push the reader away instead of drawing them into the story that Father wanted to use to touch peoples lives.  We are all given gifts.  We have an obligation to work on those gifts.  We cannot be like the servant who hid his gift in the ground. We have to be able to work on our gifts so the kingdom can grow through them.  Yesterday I really felt I needed to go to Beaners for a cup coffee. I stopped there to run in and  buy a cup of coffee, and thenrun out get in my car and head off to call on more customers.  Father by His Son through the Spirit had something else in mind.  As I was waiting in line for my coffee there was this young lady standing there. We started talking…  The owner told her I was his credit card guy and also mentioned I have a book in publication as we spoak.  She asked me about the book.  We both got our coffee and sat together and talked.  It turns out she has a masters in Literature from Hamlin university .  She works with developmental challenged individual having them write stories and poetry.  I explained to her what I went through with the tenses.  As it turns out she is going to be teaching a class on the use of tenses in community education starting in a few weeks. The bottom line is this.  Father really does supply all of our needs. We may not even know how big a need it is he is going to meet until he meets it.  I did not understand how a simple is or was in the wrong context can totally turn a reader off and they won’t even know why they have been turned off to the story. Father is meeting the needs of tenses.  If I had not followed Fathers leading the need would not have been met. Be open, Father will supply all of your needs. Needs that may be bigger than you think. Listen and he will meet your needs.
Go in peace