Philippians 4:19-20
                                                                God will supply all our needs according to his riches.
The question comes to mind. How will Father supply all of our needs?  He does so by using the fellow members of the body to handle those needs.  We are not lone rangers on a hill having to accomplish everything on our own.  Father has surrounded us with a great many other members of the body who can do things that we can’t.  In doing so he is supplying a need that we have.  It’s when we look at something in our pride and arrogance and try to do it on our own and we are not equipped for whatever reason to accomplish that task that we get into trouble.   What would have happened if the person who was laid out on the road that the Good Samaritan stopped to help had said no I can do it myself?  We each have our areas with things that we can accomplish.  We each have areas with things we can’t; it’s those areas where we can call on brothers and sisters in the body to help.  They become blessed in helping another child of the King, by the Son, through the Spirit, and the person is also blessed by allowing that time of fellowship when they are being helped.
Go in peace