Philippians 4:18-20          
                                                                                My God shall supply all of my needs.
                As I look back over my.  life I see instances where our Father in heaven has used other people to supply needs that I had.  The question for each one of us today is this.  Are we willing to be that vehicle that our Father uses to supply those needs? 
                “But.” You may ask. “What about my needs?”  As we see needs and we meet those needs our needs will be met.  You see Father will show you where those needs are.  As you follow his instructions those needs will be met.  You see Father is meeting needs we don’t even know we have.  Time and time again when I have done something I was led to do I had to look up to heaven and simply say, “I got it.” 
                The thing to remember is this. Our Father in heaven has our back.  He will not let us down. 
                It’s time to go to work
                Go in peace