Philippians 4:13
                                                                I can do all things through Christ who give me strength
Just saw a video of a Father and a Son.  The son asked his father if he would run a marathon with him. The dad did. Then  he asked for a second marathon as well.  But then the son asked his Father if he would run an Iron Man with him.  Again the Father said yes.  So this Father swam, biked, and ran with his son.  His son did not run beside him, his son has cerebral palsy.  This demonstration of total self sacrificial love is just a glimpse of the love that our Father has for us.  Each of us would give everything for our kids.  Most of us would be willing to give everything so that our children could have.  Again it pales when compared to the love Father has for us.  You see the big thing that goes on here is unconditional giving.  Love is not about what the other person can do for us, it’s about what we can give to the other person or people.
The love Father has for us is pure and without anything holding it back.  It is something that is Holy and without a spot or blemish or perversion.  It is total giving expecting nothing in return. I encourage each and every one of us to strive to example Fathers love in ways that touch the hearts and minds of all those around us.  Strive to be that one person who is totally sold out to the Christ in a way that can and does show itself in ways that the world just cannot understand.
Go in peace