Philippians 2:1-16 Key verse 13

We are called in the portion of scripture to be imitators of Christ as dear children.  What does it mean to be imitators of Christ?   Let’s look at the person of Christ and try to figure this out.  Christ is that person, yet thee God of the universe that is all powerful, all knowing, all loving.  So how do we imitate him?  How do we take on the characteristics of him who created all of us?  To cover such a huge topic in a few hundred words is something that cannot be accomplished.  This topic would cover every aspect of our lives.  This is the point this morning; we must seek Father Face, through the Son by the Spirit in every aspect of our lives.  When we do so we will find the answers to the questions that face us every day.  We must not try to figure out on our own what to do in every situation, but take them to our Father.  Philippians 4:6 tells us to take our needs to Father.   I blew something up this week that could have been really good.  It happened because I tried to figure out on my own what would work best in a situation.  We must, I repeat MUST always seek the Face of our Father before we decide on things.  He will guide us into that which is the best for all those around us.  If you think you have a need, take it to Father and he will show us if it is a need or a want.  If it is a true need he will meet it. If it is a want he may meet it. But we will be shown how said situation should be handled.  Sometimes they are minor, sometimes they are major.  The fact of the matter is the more major the more time we should be spending on our knees seeking his face, his ways, and his will on how said situation should be handled.

Go in peace