Philippians 2:1-11
                                                                         Look on the needs of others.
Ever wonder why Father created us in his image.  In the image of Thee one of whom was willing to give it all up for us. Ever wonder why he did not create us like all the other animals.  Other animals consider their needs first and in most cases do not look to help others survive. Ever wonder why Father would have Paul write this letter telling us to not look to our own needs only but to those of others.  The answer is quite simple. There are multiple parts to it. The first part is our own mental health.  Let’s say we are grieving. Maybe someone has died; we may have gone through a divorce, or any other thing that would be considered a huge loss to us.  At this point we have a choice.  We can turn within and feel sorry for ourselves, which may pull us into a depression. Or we can reach out to others out of our grief, become a blessing, and be lifted by seeing our efforts having a positive result on someone else.  Seeing others gain because of our pain is something that can actually pull is out of our funk.  We are created in our Fathers image.  That means we are created to love, and hurt comes with that love.  That love is the reason Father came in the person of the Son and was willing to die on the cross and walk out of the grave.  I have no doubt when Father saw his son on that cross he felt the same pain we do when we lose someone really close to us.  I am sure Father grieves when one of his kids chooses to walk away from him forever.  Yet he keeps reaching out to us.  We also need to be reaching out to others.  We need to be using our gifts as an instrument of our Father in heaven to see lives changed. In doing so our lives will also be changed.
Go in peace