Philippians 1:12-14
What has happened to Paul was to advance the Gospel
As we look at our lives this section of the letter may be a bit hard to swallow. How can a person say that something “Bad” happening to us is to advance the Gospel? Paul here is placed in a situation that is going to lead to his physical death. Paul, being placed in the prison was for the reason of putting together the letters in the new testament that would become invaluable to the believers today. The question may come to someone’s mind. “Mike how can the bad things that happen today lead to Father’s glory, and the building of his kingdom? “ Let me ask a question. Do you remember a devotion that I wrote back in September about a man named Ken. He is a gentleman that I explained how Father created circumstances so we could come together just so the Holy Spirit could reach out and touch him. But for that to happen we have to go back another year and see what happened when a business I was a broker for collapsed. I was devastated. All of a sudden I was placed in a position of not having any income at all. I was able to move most of my Phone customers to another company. Then I was able to pick up a couple of credit card processors to market as well. What I did not realize at the time Father was setting things in motion for more and more people to be touched. Father was putting things in motion for me to be instrumental in seeing him touch lives that would not have been touched otherwise. The thing Satan wants to happen when changes happen is for us to quit. He wants us to get discouraged and walk away from what Father is about to do in our lives. The thing to do when something happens in our lives is not to quit, pick up our ball and go home. The thing to do when something we think is bad happens is simply look to heaven and ask Father why is this happening. Show me where you want me to go and what you want me to do. Then stand back and watch Father show you the new opportunity he is leading you into. Remember this however, we are told by the Christ to knock and the door will be opened. It’s time to start knocking.
Go in peace