Peters Mother in Law. 

Luke 4;38-39

Two things we can ascertain from this, Peter Mother in law would have been a widow, and she loved to serve.  Jesus the Christ heals her; she gets up and starts to serve the master.  This brings to mind two women that I know of who loved to serve. One is my late wife Sharon, and the other is her mom Helen Haggy whose life we will celebrate Saturday.  Peter’s mom in law had a severe fever as Dr. Luke points out.  Christ spoke and it went away.  I can only imagine the feeling of being sicker than a Dog, Christ speaks and it is gone.  It would be a WOW! Moment.  It would be the type of thing that would make a person just want to hop out of bed and get to work.   Now, imagine the celebration when we step from this form of life into the next.  One moment we will be seeing things on this Earth, the next we will be walking on streets that are so bright from the light exuding from Father that it will almost hurt our eyes.   My friends that is when the real healing takes place.  My friends when we lose a loved one who is a believer we hurt.  The loss at times is beyond words.  To lose a non believing person is really painful as we can’t understand the eternity they have chosen.  But when we lose a loved one who has walked with Christ for years on this earth we mourn that loss as well, at the same time we celebrate their ultimate victory in Christ.  With Helen we mourn our loss of her physically in our presence.  Yet at the same time we celebrate her physical presence with Christ knowing for those of us who have placed our Faith in Christ we will see her again.

Go in peace

Serve the Lord

Thanks be to God