Numbers 32:20-25
                                                                                         Your sin will find you out.
It’s not often I sit and watch television.  Last night my son was over with my grandson.  He set up his net flix on my television and we watched a couple of episodes of One street hill.  This particular episode had the father who happened to be the mayor committing a crime.  One that he was able to white wash.  He shot his brother.  Someone else knew about it, snuck into his house, and wrote in bright red letters on his wall MURDERER.   The first thing the Mayor tried to do was wipe it away.  He could not accomplish the task.  Next he painted the whole wall red.  That worked.  (Or did it?)  Father has a way of dealing with us.  When we mess up Father will deal with us in way that get our attention .  As we look at Kenneth the young man Father had me deal with we see something really great happening in his life.  We see a man who is beginning to walk in the forgiveness that only our Father can offer.  We see a man who can now move forward with the rest of his life in a way that allows him to be able to speak forgiveness into the lives of others.  When we sin one of two things is going to happen.  1. We confess our sins; Father and removes those sins as far as the east if from the west.  This allows us to walk in his newness of life. Or 2. We bury our sin.  Somehow convince ourselves that is was the right thing to do hence we paint over it.  We go through life hoping that no one ever finds out  what we did it.  It does eventually destroy us.  Our sin is paid for.  It will be washed away.  But we must repent of it, and walk away from it.  The joy, the pure excitement that the experience of total freedom brings on is amazing.  If you have something buried dig it up. Confess it to Father.  I would also encourage you to find someone you know well. Someone you could trust with your life. We are told in James 5:16 to confess our sins one to another.  Father laid out what he wants us to do.  He laid out how we are cleansed.  Believe me nothing can purify the spirit like confession.
Go in peace