Nahum 1:1-5
                                                                                       God is a jealous God
Yesterday I really had a sense that I was supposed to go to Sam’s club.  Pulled in started to park and felt I needed to park in a slightly different place, I did so.   I walked in and started to walk down an Isle.  I saw Rhonda, a young mom I had dealt with in the past at a school system I do business with.   She is expecting her second child in August.  We talked for a few about the school system that she was let go from and the venom started flow.  I could see the absolute hatred for the superintendant in her eyes.  I could hear it in her voice.  The Holy Spirit started pouring words into mind to speak the value of forgiveness to her.  I used a couple of illustrations that I have shared here.  The key came down to this. Our Father loves his kids.  He will protect his kids, no matter what age we are.  Remember it was Christ himself that said as you have done it to the least of these you have done it unto me.  Matthew 25:40.  By holding onto things we are hurting ourselves.  The person who hurt us could care less.  This conversation went on about 20 minutes.  We spent time in prayer right in the middle of Sam’s club.   Father will bring people across our path that he is going to give us words that can comfort and help.  He does this by the Son through the Spirit.  Be open to his leading and see who he touches through you.
Go in peace