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Micah 5:6-13 Father explains how he will protect his people.

Israel all through her history has been attacked by its neighbors.  The people of Israel have been taken captive as a people many times.  But Father always brought them back to their land.  His promise of protection for the people he claimed as his has always been there.   We as believers have been grafted in and have the same promise on us.  But the attacks on us take a different track.  The enemy is not an outside nation ready to attack, but Satan himself. He works to destroy Fathers people not by having our physical land taken, but by getting us to compromise on little things.  It could be a thought here.  It could be a look there.  Could be a business situation that causes us to compromise a little bit on what we know to be right to get that next sale.  Casting crowns has a song they did for the movie Fire Proof.  The song talks about that look that starts the whole process moving in directions it should not.  It talks about that minor compromise that leads a person to their own destruction.  The battle is not to put the believer physically into a position of captivity; it’s to put our mind captive to the evil that will ultimately destroy all that Father has for us.  My encouragement today is not to compromise even a little bit.  It becomes a slippery slope from which there may not be a return. You know in your heart what is right.  Do what is right.

Go in peace