Matthew 5:6 Hunger and thirst after Righteousness.

Imagine you’re walking across a desert; you have been without water, food, shelter for 5 days.  Your dehydrated, hungry, sunburned and generally not in a good position.  You look to your right and your left, all you see is sand, a hot sun, and scorpions.  Your minds starts playing tricks on you, you start thinking of ways to get hydrated that normally would not even cross your mind.  You are totally desperate; there is nothing more important to you at this point than getting water.  Suddenly you hear a truck, they see you, they drive up to you give you your first drink of water.  The relief is out of this world, you get to stay alive.  You are saved.  My friends, this is what being hungry and thirsty is really like.  I have never been there.  But the drive for survival is what the Christ is talking about here.  When he says hunger and thirst for righteousness he is talking of the level of desperation that is so driving we cannot control it.  He is talking about a passion for doing the right thing that takes over every part of our being.  We must have such a desire in our lives.  The question comes to mind what does this righteousness really look like?  It’s not a set of laws that a person keeps.  It’s a condition of the heart that is seeking the betterment of others in a way that draws people to the Christ.  It’s a condition of the heart that seeks to do those things which please Father.  It’s is not judgmental.  It is a giving love that seeks to see people come to the knowledge of Christ that brings them to salvation.  It is seeking what Father has for each of us with a pure heart every morning.  It’s a need to draw into what Father has without regard for our self, but a need to please Father in all that we do.  Today, please seek Father for that passion that is like the man in the desert.  Seek a passion for Father that cannot be quenched.

Go in peace