Matthew 7:6
                                                                         Do not cast your pearls before swine.
                We are all given gifts.  We are commanded to use those gifts in the kingdom.  What our Lord Jesus Christ is telling us here is not to waste our precious time on those who would use our talent to achieve their evil goals.  Our Father in heaven goes to great lengths sometimes to put each of us into situations where we can make a difference in people lives and drawn them to him.  My friend there are many “good” causes a person can get involved with.  Many of those good causes are time wasters to what Father is calling us to.  However, when he places one of them on our heart it is for a reason.   Over the past couple weeks I have met a senior, sweet lady who has a golden opportunity to work with Patch Adams in Russia.   Patch is a man of genius. As I watched him with kids I observed him operating some kingdom principals.  He is totally giving to the kids.  Where is he at with Christ? That is a question I cannot answer.   I did not have the time to explore his relationship with Christ.  But now we look at the sweet lady with the chance to go with Patch to Russia.  She has been placed in this situation for a reason.  From the brief time I spent with Patch I came to understand that he is not a man who is not going to get a person to compromise their beliefs, but will encourage those people to use their gifts to help him in the “ministry” that lay before him to touch kids.  This sweet lady has been deposited into the Patch clown troupe for a reason.  Our Father in heaven want’s to touch kids. He picks special people to be his vehicle to touch them.  My friend is one of those people.  In the above scripture we are told not to waste our precious time on people with ill intent towards the Kingdom of God.  We are instructed to the contrary to pour ourselves into the kingdom with all our heart, soul, and mind.  My friend will be a light in this troupe.  She will be a person of Faith that I am sure will hear the words well done good and faithful servant, that my friend is what we should all long for.
Go in peace