Matthew 7:24-29
                                                                                    Let’s build our house on the Rock.
                The Christ here is speaking of the wise man who hears what Jesus the Christ is saying and does what he is saying.  He is also,speaking here of the guy who hears what the Christ  is saying and does not do what he says.   The question is this, are we wise or foolish?  There are Sunday school songs about building our houses on the Rock.  We think these songs are “cute”.  But have we really thought about the value of being led by the master in ways that are going to build us up, and strengthen those around us he is leading us to help?  And by doing so, seeing his kingdom built in the hearts and minds of those around us.  The question comes to mind, what does it really mean to build our house on the Rock? The Christ here is talking about listening to his voice, and doing what he tells us to do.  If you are being led to say something to a checkout girl/guy, do it.  You never know what door Father is going to open through his Son by the Spirit.  Watch for his leadings in little things.  As many have seen little things can be gigantic in the scheme of things.  Do not make excuses for not doing what Father through the Son by the Spirit is telling you to do.  Buck up and do what you’re being told to do.   When you do what you’re being led to do you will see the Glory of God, the great I AM accomplish things in your life you never thought were possible.  Just do what you’re led to do.
Go in peace