Matthew 7:12-24
        We are grafted in and we must bare fruit
This section out of the sermon on the mount is where we see the Golden Rule.  Out of this section we are told to do onto others as we would have them do onto us.  Last night I was  blessed to be able to speak with Judy.  We discussed the book I have in it’s initial editing. We also discussed where the money from the book is going.  The Sharon Goldsmith institute.  It was an amazing connection.  She informed me that she had run a similar type of organization in the Green Bay area.  That they were able to save many babies from the destruction of the abortion doctors tables.  They looked at the situation from the mother’s point of view.  They asked themselves this question. “If I were in this situation what would I need.”  They were doing the Gospel. They were meeting the needs of the young ladies.  The would find them housing if they needed it.  The would help the secure cribs, baby clothes, diapers. In doing so they saved lives.  They were putting boot leather to Matthew 25:40.   As you have done it to the least of these my brothers you have done it onto me.  Keep in mind what happens however to the branches that have been grafted in by the blood of the lamb that don’t bare fruit.  Yesterday we talked about using Fathers word and not our own to confront members of the body who are messing up.  We are not their judge.  But it is clear that we will all be judged by God the Father himself.  It is clear from the above scripture that the judgments can be sever.  We as believers are given a great deal.  The question is what are we doing with what Father has given us.  Over the last year I have been the recipient of Father grace and caring through a great many people.  My church, my sister and brother in law, and all the people who helped me with the financing of the project that Father put in front of me.  I am here today because of the love and caring of our Father.  So put yourself in the position of the person messing up.  Their behavior is something Father has brought to your attention.  What that person is doing is not only breaking the word spoken by the Christ, but it is also damaging the  very people wants us to help.  We are judged by the fruit that we bare.  We must know the word, by doing so we will be able to use it in any given situation. The words of scripture will come to mind that are needed.   Be of good courage.  Next time you in a situation where you see someone being taken advantage just drop a scripture into the situation.  If it is, As you have done it onto the least of these my brothers you have done it onto me it will draw immediate attention to the word.  By doing so you will be bringing forth good fruit, and you may be helping that other person not place themselves in a position of being judged for their bringing forth poison for their fruit.

Go in peace