Matthew 7:1-6 

 The      key verse 6, do not cast your pearls before swine.

Yesterday I met an interesting individual.  I am a sales guy; I meet a lot of different individuals.  Yesterday I was able to pray with a lady whose husband is dying.  I was happy to do it. Made a ton of calls yesterday, got some things started.  Then I had this call in Barnum Minnesota.  A mechanics shop.  I had ridden my Honda down.  On the windshield of my bike I have an “I was blessed in 11” sticker . As this guy comes out, one could almost see the blue streak coming from him.   There are very few people in this world that I will walk away from.  The total lack of respect he has for women was something that came across in a loud way.  He looked at the “I was blessed in 11” sticker on my windshield and asked what that was about.  I told him about the blessing of the bikes I go to every year.  He stated he also has his bike blessed, by a witch.  I am sitting here praying and thinking out loud.  The first part of today’s devotional says do not judge. The ending verse talks about not casting our pearls before swine.  The judgment this is talking about is putting ourselves in Fathers place, placing judgment upon the people that come before us.  We are also warned in 1 Corinthians 15 that bad company is the ruin of good morals.  It takes a great deal for me to be willing to walk away from anyone.  Yesterday we talked about being willing to talk and be a friend to people who look different that we do.  But let me say this.  When you do come in contact with another individual, and  you sense something in your spirit that warns you, it’s time to start praying and seeking Father face, and his will, and his purpose on whether or not you should pursue something with this individual.  Follow your leading.  The only judgment you can pass is on yourself.  Protect yourself from a trap that the enemy is setting up for you.  I am still praying about doing buisness with this individual.  But am totally uneasy about it.

Follows Fathers leading