Matthew 7:1-5
                                                  Judge not lest you be judged.
Have you ever wondered why we are told not to judge?  Let’s for a second look at a trial judge.  All the evidence has been rendered and the Jury has reached a verdict of guilty.  The judge sets a day for sentencing many times a month away.  In that month he is going to look at many things.  Extenuating circumstances, the guilty party’s past.  Reach a sentencing decision based on as many facts as he can get his hands on.  We see someone who has made bad choices and we start talking about all the bad choices this person has made.  We in our hearts are saying we are better than that person, but we really can’t see the whole picture.  Let’s for an instance look at the woman taken in adultery.  We can’t for an instant understand what caused her to make such a choice.  Was it her husband abusing her.  Was it that her family abandoned her?  Or was it just her sinful nature.  We will never know the answer to that.  However when Christ was there beside her as the leaders of the church were dumbfounded because they themselves knew they were not without sin walked away Christ likewise did not condemn her.  It is pretty clear that some actions are wrong.  Those wrong actions we can call wrong.  To judge motives behind an action, well that a totally different story.  To judge another person is to judge their motives in their actions.  That we cannot do.  Have I cast judgments.  Yes, and I was wrong to do so.  I cannot see a person’s soul, and to pass judgment on an individual is to judge their spirit.  I know that actions people take are wrong, that is clear in many situations.  But I cannot judge motives and with Fathers guidance and love I won’t
Go in peace