Matthew 6:9-13

                This is the Lords Prayer.  Contained within it is one of the strongest weapons that the believer has.  That weapon is forgiveness.  When someone has hurt us, could be a one time thing, or something that went on for years, they take a little part of us.  Besides taking a little part of us they stick a little barb just under our skin.  We carry that barb where ever we go.  The pain that barb causes us to feel comes on us at the oddest times. When it does it causes us discomfort even anger from things that have actually been removed from us.  That little hook on the end of the barb is something like a porcupine quill.  It just goes deeper and deeper until its removal can be accomplished.  How is that barb removed from a believer, simple, forgiveness?   When we forgive Father is able to remove that barb and end the control that individual has over us in a second and forever.  Our choice is extremely clear.  Do we want that Irritation or do we want to just give it to Father and have him rebuild our lives in a way that can be productive for his kingdom and for us.  Father gives us choices each day.  This is a choice we have, one in which we can walk out his glory. 

Go in peace