Matthew 6:25-34

Years back there was a song called: don’t worry be happy.  One of the dumb songs that just made a person feel good.  The problem was they gave no reason not to worry.  The song solved none of the person’s problems.   I am sure at one point or another we have put problems out of our mind just to relax, but if the problem is not dealt with it’s still there in the morning.  The point of what the Christ is saying here is this,” give your troubles to me, I will give grace and understanding in handling them.”   It’s when we let go of things, and give them to Christ that he can guide us through the handling of any situation.  We are his instruments, we are his servants, and he is in control not us.  However, if we really want the control, if we refuse to let go of the steering wheel he will let us drive to our own destruction.  The choice is ours.  Myself, I try to let go of things.  I seek his face on how to handle every situation.  (The times I try to handle things on my own are usually disasters.)  Remember, seek ye first the kingdom, then everything is added to you. 

Go in peace