Matthew 6:24-34
                                                                We cannot serve God and Money
How much money is enough?  That questions answer depends on who one talks to.  On this earth we have many types of people.  The key point we all have to remember is this. We are not the one who is ultimately in control.  We are merely servants. The key point is this. We choose our master.  We can choose our heavenly Father, or we can choose the enemy of our souls.  One seeks to establish us in his kingdom; the other seeks to destroy us forever.  The choice is ours.  The lord Jesus Christ makes it abundantly clear here, we cannot have our feet in both kingdoms.  Let’s take a look at two business men.  One serves money, the other serves the God of creation by His Son through His spirit.  The one person looks for the next sale to increase his revenue and make himself richer. The other person looks to always make sure his customer gets more out of the transaction that he does.  Where the opportunity presents itself he/she will give back from what Father gives him/her to the community to help those around him/her.  The first person cares nothing for the customer except as a path to his/her own wealth.  The second looks upon his/her customer as someone to be served and touched by the spirit of God in a way that changes their lives forever.  They look upon their customer as a person that Father puts in their path to be ministered to if only for a brief period of time.  Perhaps forever.  We have a choice everyday.  People Father brings us in contact with can tell who we serve. 
Who will they see?
Go in peace