Matthew 6:22-23
                                We either walk in Great light or Great darkness
Normally we think of being fed through the mouth.  Yet if we look at this clearly we see we are fed in a greater way through our eyes.  Matthew points out here if our eyes are clear we take in a great light. But if they are not clear we are in a great darkness.  The question I have is. What are we looking at? What are we drawing into our body?  Are we drawing in things that bring light to our spirit, or things that darken our soul?  The company we keep, are they bringing in light or darkness?  There are people I am around that exude darkness,  there are also people who exude light.   But remember this, when light comes into the room the darkness has to leave.  So today I encourage you to be light.  I encourage you to walk after the lord Jesus Christ in such a way that you bring glory to our Father.  As we do this we will be walking in the light.  Remember when the eye is clear the light is great.  The eye remains clear when pure and holy things are put where the eye can take it in.  Be that pure holiness that the eye takes in.
Go in peace