Matthew 6:19-24
                                                                       Lay up treasures in Heaven.
This is not an excuse for laziness.  I have heard over and over from people they are not worried about making a good living here, they are laying up their treasures in heaven.  That’s not what this is saying.  What this is saying is our goal has to be to use those things which Father gives us here to build his kingdom.  Our goal has to be reaching other people where they are at by using the wealth we are given here to do it.  I know several people who own businesses that do all they can with what Father has placed them in to reach other people.  There is Alan and Renee with Cloquet Ford, there is Lissa who own Carlton self serve, and there is Beth who owns a group home in Coloreign Minnesota. All these people make a decent living.  But that’s not what their business is about.  Their focus is being good stewards of what Father has given them and using the wealth that our Father gives them to reach people around them.   Then there are individuals who take what Father has given them and use it in a way that helps others.  There is Ron and Lorraine.  Their focus is not on building wealth for themselves.  Their focus is on helping others with the income that Father has given them.  All of the above people have a focus not on themselves but on how they can do things that can help other people walk in a newness and freshness with our Father.  All of the people are extremely hard working. Business owners and teachers.  All placed in key positions by our Father and being used by him to reach customers, and students by the power of Christ many times without even having to mention his name.  We are all placed on this earth for a short period of time.  We must make sure what we are given is used to build Fathers kingdom, for by doing so our riches are truly stored for us eternally.
Go in peace