Matthew 6:19-21
                                                                                How much do we trust?
This is the question for the ages. Let’s bring this to a practical level.  You’re sitting in your kitchen, it’s Sunday.  You’re looking at your checkbook; you have bills that have to be paid.  You have barely enough money to cover them.  You’re having your morning devotionals. You read the above scripture.  You understand as we all do that Father wants us to trust him.  The big question is do we trust Father or don’t we.  As we look at the check book we have all of the bills that have to be paid going through our mind. We have to put gas in the car. We have to pay health insurance. We have to pay a Gas bill and the Electric bill.  And then there is the tithe.  Ouch! this is gonna hurt. We each have to exercise our faith and trust in our own ways.  Remember this. This live goes by in a hurry. Invest in the Kingdom.
Go in peace