Matthew 5:8
                                          Blessed are the pure in heart, for they shall see God.
I meet a great many people in a day.  Most are short meetings, no time to really develop anything.  But once in a while conversations start.  Once in a while I have a chance to see a person’s heart.  Once in a while I will be in a position to understand how a person’s relationship with Father cleanses their heart.  You see, it is impossible to have a pure heart without that close intimate relationship with our Father.  He is the one who takes a heart that has been blotched with sin, that has been thrown in the mud and makes it a healthy, vital, and living heart again. I have seen people who life has really beat up changed in a second.  I have seen people who could care less about anyone else suddenly become that person who would give anyone who needs it the shirt off of their back. The thing to remember the purification process only happens when Father does a cleansing. And the cleansing only happens when they have a personal encounter with the living Jesus the Christ.   Romans 10:14 tells us they must hear the word to be changed. And they cannot hear unless we tell them.   So today as you go out, look for that person Father is going to bring across your path.  Look for that person that Father will touch because you were willing to be the one speaking.  Look for that one who Father wants to bless by you speaking words of truth and holiness to.  In the process you will be blessed as well.  Remember look for that person who Father is going to bring across your path to have their heart changed and purified.
Go in peace