Matthew 5:8-13
                                Who are the sons of the kingdom that are cast out?
In the portion of Scripture we see the Christ speaking to the centurion.  After the discourse we see the Christ telling his followers that he has not found such faith in Israel.   The false sense of security that the Jews felt because of their ancestry, if it were not so sad, would be somewhat amazing.  But that does raise the question in my mind, in the Christian faith; do we fall into that false sense of security today?  What is there that asks the question. Where am I really at with my relationship with our Father through the Son by the Spirit?  Am I walking in that false sense of security that the Jews were walking in back then?  This is an especially dangerous position that some believers may find themselves in who are in a traditional denomination.  If someone is depending on the fact they were baptized into Christ that my friend is taking the same stance that a Jew would have taken with circumcision.  Because of someone else took an action with us we are in.  God’s promise is this. He will do everything short of corrosion to bring us to himself.  There comes a time when we all have to make that choice. We are either totally sold out to Christ or we are not.  Joshua 24:15 we are told to choose this day who we will serve.  The Jews in Christ time were in grave danger of being cast out. They had a false sense of security because of being born into Abrahams covenant.  Let’s not fall into that false sense of security because I am Lutheran or Catholic, or Baptist. Let’s choose each day to dedicate that day to the service of God and his Kingdom through Jesus Christ by his Spirit.
Go in peace