Matthew 5:46-50
                                                                Are we the brothers and sisters of Jesus the Christ?
Jesus is in a house speaking to his followers.  His Mom and siblings are outside.  He is told they are outside.  This is where he makes a point that shall ring through the centuries.  His brothers and sisters are those who hear his words and do them.  Jesus loved his Mother Mary with all his heart.  Even as he was dying the physical death on the cross he made sure John would care for his mom when he was gone.  Yet this one little statement drives home the point of adoption that we really do experience when we come to the saving knowledge of the Christ.  We are brought into Fathers family by adoption as sons/daughters.  We are made joint heirs with the Christ.  We become one with the Son making us one with our Father in heaven.  I just want to emphasize one point here.  To be considered his brothers/sisters we must hear his words and do them.   What are his words?  My rule of thumb is this.  Love the Lord thy God with all thy heart, soul, and mind.  Love thy neighbor as thyself.  If we look at all the commands they can be summed up with these words.  That does mean being willing to reach out when we feel an unction to do so.  I just finished 42 days of radiation treatment, while I was going through this I prayed for people almost everyday.  I saw life after life touched by the spirit of our Father as I went through this.  We can all be vehicles of God’s grace if we are just willing to do so.  I will not miss the treatment, I will miss the people I had contact with there.  Listen, and hear the words of Christ.  Then do them.
Go in peace