Matthew 5: 40-41
                                      If someone compels you to walk a mile go two.
In the time of Christ the Romans used to be able to compel a Jew to carry their armor a mile.  It was that second mile that would open doors of friendship.  People’s natural reaction to someone doing something to help them out that does not have to be done is usually one of warm fuzzy.  It’s also one of experiencing the love of Our Father through the Son by the Spirit that opens their heart to being willing to listen to what Father wants to use you to speak into their lives.  When we are asked why we do things, something as simple as, this is just a practical way of showing the love of Christ. And wait to see if it can open a door of ministry. Watch their face and see what expressions are their. Listen to what the Spirit of God tells you to say.  The conversations that ensue out of such a selfless act sometimes may amaze you.  When we go that second mile, the spirit of the person we are helping in touched by the spirit of our Father in Heaven in such a way that instead their of it being hard as rock it develops a soft spot.  That soft spot if we are willing and listen to the spirit we are given the words that continue to soften the spot.  That spot grows and that person may come to a point of being willing to hear what the Spirit says to him/her.  Next time our Father honors you by placing you in a position to go that extra mile, walk it out. You may be amazed by what Father is going to do through you.
Go in peace