Matthew 5:37
                                                What is-is. 
Have you ever asked a person to so something? Or been asked to do something and responded with this answer. Yes but. Or Yes if this does not happen or that.  As believers we are told let our yeses be yes and are no’s no.  Simply if a person asks us to do something we have to be rock solid in our response. Whether it’s in business, church life, family relationships, we have to be rock solid dependable.  If there are unforeseen lurking our there and we are asked to do something, then our answer has to be no.  It’s easier for someone to count on us if we never say we can do something that we know there is a chance we cannot accomplish.  Think back to the last time you asked someone to accomplish a key part of a project you needed to accomplish.  When the time came to accomplish said task they were not there. It would have actually been better if they had said no, and you could have found someone to help you who would have kept their word.  We need to be the person who sets the example.   . Father through the Son by the Spirit has instructed us to be that person who can be depended on to keep our word.  Remember the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit can always be depended on to keep their word.  We can do no less.
Go in peace