Matthew 5:33-37
                                                Let your yes be yes, and your no be no.
We as believers have set before us a higher standard of truth.  When someone puts to us a question there should be no time lag in trying to figure out the answer, simply tell the truth is what this is saying.  The truth is an interesting thing.  It cannot be refuted. Facts are facts.  When I am selling something to a customer and give this customer references I know that if this customer calls my references I have the business.  How? One may ask could I know this.  The answer is quite simple.  My customers are going to all tell this prospect the same thing.  Goldy always tells the truth. The worst thing a person can do in any relationship is say what the other person wants to hear just to avoid conflict, or not lose a sale.  This goes to friendship, marriage, or business. A relationship that is based on truth and trust will survive as long as that mutual trust is never broken. It can survive any hardship.  Remember there is no such thing as a white lie.  They are all lies from hell.  If a person will tell a small lie they will tell a big one.  Today I encourage each and every one of us to stand on the scripture. We need to be able to be direct. We need to let all those who ask us questions know where we stand, and what we will do.
Go in peace