Matthew 5:33-37

                       Be straight up in all your conversations.

I have heard many a sales pitch in my time.  I am a sales guy myself.  When I walk in the door folks know what I am selling.  I cut to the chase and give a straight shot.  I tell the folks straight up this is what I sell, if your interested let’s take a look, if not I am on my way.  The reason I take this approach is that’s a totally ethical way of marketing.  That’s the way Father wants all of our communication to be.  The reason he laid out the commandments was so we could have a model to follow in our relations with each other.  If one looks at the commandments on will see they are all relational. They deal either with our relations with Father or other humans on the earth.  Today as we communicate with our friends, our co workers, our customers keep in the front of your mind to be straight up, don’t come in with a hidden agenda, and just tell the truth.  Remember Jesus Christ said I am the way, the TRUTH, and the life.  By doing this the person we are in contact with has a choice.  They are going to accept who you are, and what you bring to the table or they are not.  Just tell the truth.

Go in peace