Matthew 5:14-16
                                                                      We are to be a light on a hill.
The Christ is speaking of the believer being salt and light.  This morning let’s think about breakfast. You have your bacon on sizzling. You have made the perfect hash browns. Your eggs are just the way you like them.  You reach for the salt to season the eggs and browns and no salt.  Somehow breakfast is not the same.  It does not have the same “let’s get going this morning” effect.  Or you’re walking down a well lit street late at night. All of a sudden there is a power outage.  The darkness is upon you in a second. In the absence of light the darkness comes in like a flood.  You feel uneasy walking down a street that is dark. You look behind you; it’s to dark to see anything.  You don’t know who is going to jump out and mug you.  Suddenly a familiar voice speaks.  It’s one of your closest friends.  The person says they saw you just before the lights went out and feels safer walking with someone.  You take a breath, a sigh of relief if you will. Suddenly the lights come back on.  The darkness is gone as quickly as it came. Your friend and you smile and head for a cup of coffee.  We are to be that light that destroys the darkness.  The Holy Spirit in our lives is to be that light that destroys the darkness that over takes people in their lives. It’s us as believers who when we listen to what the Holy Spirit is leading us to do bring that snap into other peoples lives.  We MUST! Listen to what we are being led to do and do it.  We must be bringing the light of the Holy Spirit into people’s lives no matter where we are at. We must do what we must do to be that servant that Father is calling us to be.
Go in peace