Matthew 5:13-15
We are salt and light
It’s 5:30 a.m. you walk through your kitchen, turn on the lights and try to figure out what your going to have for breakfast. You decide on potatoes and eggs. You get the pan ready, fry the eggs and American fries. You pour your coffee. Put everything on your plate, get ready to take that first bite. And then you realize there is not salt on the eggs or potatoes. Now what? The seasoning brings out the essence of the food we eat. Now let’s relate this to this mornings scripture. We have Fathers spirit within us. As such we have his light dwelling within us. Because of this when we walk into a room we bring Fathers light with us. As salt we make the message of the Cross something that can be taken and digested. The light is the message of the Cross. We were given a command to take that message to all the earth. (Matthew 28:19) We have a responsibility to bring that message not in condemnation, but with love and purity that will draw people to the Father through us. (this is being salt) . As we do this Father will change lives through us.
Go in peace