Matthew 4:23-37
                                                         He is still healing today
It has been said by a couple of denominations that healing and miracles went away with the apostles.  This error in doctrine if it were not so sad would be funny.  I have prayed for people who have had healings.  I have prayed for people and Father has said no.  I have seen Father work in ways that are totally amazing.  I have seen situations where what Father did to bring a person back from having someone mess with their head could not be seen as anything other than a miracle of our Father.  All we have to be willing to do is listen to what our Father is saying.  All we have to do is follow his directions to come to a complete understanding of the power that he is still using today to change the lives of those around us.  He is still changing our lives for that matter.  He takes the woman who has been abused and beaten by her husband and by the power of his son the Christ through the Holy Spirit cleanses her from the damage that was done to her self esteem and self worth.  He takes the man whose life was turned upside down by tragedy in his life and caresses his heart with love and caring that is so sweet and pure that no one can understand it.  Yet there are those who say God acting in this way is not for today.  God does not fit into the box they have created for him.  My words of advice today ignore them.  As we go our today let us go out with our heads up, and trust and faith that our Father will take care of us in every situation. 
Have confidence in Christ
Go in peace