Matthew 4:23-25 Jesus healed the multitude

 People today are looking for something, anything to escape the stress and problems in their lives.  Could be a television show, or could become as horrible as a falling into drugs or bottle.    The Christ always heals when someone is prayed for.  Sometimes we just don’t recognize the healing.  I remember one incident; we were at Higher Grounds coffee shop.  I prayed for a young man by the name of Tracey. I had to leave so I headed for my car. My nephew came running out and said, how could you tell him he is healed, you don’t know that.  I said, “LookTthanny I don’t know what the healing looks like, I was told he is healed and he is.  I was to find out later that he was actually healed of lung cancer. God is still in the healing business.  Our Father is a show off, if we will just get the courage to actually pray for someone.  Jesus the Christ healed multitudes of people in this portion of scripture, today we are his hand and feet. We are the body of Christ.  Because we are the body of Christ we do have an obligation to bring his complete healing to as many people as will can.

Go in peace