Matthew 4:1-11
                                                                Satan tried to stop Christ before he started.
We see here a clear demonstration of how the enemy works.  The easiest time to stop something is before it gains momentum.  It can be seen anytime Father puts it on the heart of an individual to start something.  As soon as a person takes steps to accomplish something the enemy will come with all the power of Hell to try to stop it.  Satan offered Christ the world if he would only fall down and worship him.  The Christ would not take the bait.  Jesus understood that his mission was to be God.  He understood that man kind’s salvation depended on his being able to walk in what Father had planned from the beginning of time for mans salvation.  I have experienced this ploy over and over again.  Something gets close to being birthed and the enemy tries to perform an abortion on it.  He tries to kill it early.   When he attacks us trying to kill the vision Father has given us we have two choices.  One, accept the enemies attack and give up.  This kills the vision Father is about to birth in us.  Or keep moving, not accepting defeat, and walking on to victory.  Keep in mind Gideon.  He defeated a 20000 man army with 300 people.  How? One may ask.  By simply following Fathers instructions.   By understanding that one can really hear Fathers voice.  And when one knows that he knows he is walking in Father’s leading he does not quit.  Don’t let the enemy abort the vision that Father has given you.  As you would protect your child before he/she is born take that same approach and protect the vision Father has given you.  He knows what he is leading you into.  He knows the forces of hell that are going to be launched against the vision that is growing within you.  Don’t quit. Don’t quit.  Keep putting one foot in front of the other and don’t quit.
Go in peace