Matthew 28:19-21
                                                                                Go into the whole world
Here is the situation. Stephen has seen the resurrected Christ.  He was there at Pentecost. Yet he gets this command and sits on it for 5 years.  Our Heavenly Father through the Christ made it clear what he wanted his people to do.  That was not to sit on their hands. He wants us to walk out the Gospel.  In this case Father used the Eagle approach. He forced Stephen out of the nest.  He had him sold into slavery and sent to India where he shared the gospel of Christ with them.  Father to accomplish his purpose in us will put us into some very uncomfortable positions at times to force us into that which he wants us to accomplish.  He has filled us with his spirit, not for our own feel good lives. He filled us with his spirit so we could hear his voice and obey it.  We have a choice. We can take the step out of the nest and soar, or we can fold our wings under us, cuddle down, and wait for Father to kick us out of the nest. When that happens we either open our wings or we crash.  Father wants his people touched. He wants to use us to do the touching. It’s time to step out of the nest, open out wings and soar.
Go in peace