Matthew 28:16-20 

Now I know why Christ said this,

Yesterday I was at the Carlton County Fair in Barnum Minnesota.  It was the first day of the fair so there were not a lot of people around.  I was just wandering and happened upon the cookie wagon.  I stopped to sample their wears.  Good cookies.  But the young woman who was working in it intrigued me. I noticed her accent.  I asked where she was from.  She was blonde so I knew she was not Latino.  I guess an Eastern European.  I was correct.  She is from Russia.  As I looked I could see the Holy Spirit in her eyes.  I could sense him in the tone of her voice.  I told her what I sensed.  She had no idea of who the Holy Spirit is.  She had heard of God but really did not even understand him.  Father does not bring us across peoples paths without a reason.  I like to go to Fairs to “prospect” for business.  There are always business men showing their wares at a fair. So by getting to the fair early one can catch the business people before the crowds become overwhelming. I am running down there this morning.  I as a Gideon can take testaments with me.  I am taking at least one to give to Julia.  Now I understand the passion Father puts on peoples hearts for the eastern European people.  When I started talking to her about Father I could see the desire in her eyes to know more.  She is one person, that I will never know what becomes of her, yet possibly by giving her a testament Father can help her understand that spirit that seems to be dwelling within her.

Go therefore into the whole world

Go in peace