Matthew 25:40 

                                                As you have done it onto the least of these my brothers.

Yesterday I was visiting my sister and brothers church.  I met an attractive lady there, who was also being accepted into membership as my sister and brother were.  At coffee after the service I was speaking with and asked a simple question.  “Will your husband be attending here as well?”  She broke into tears.  It seems her husband left her a year ago for a younger woman.  She is still a basket case over this whole thing. Their church was going to have things going on all day as this was the first year anniversary of the church.  I hopped in the car went home got some business cards went back.  They had a southern gospel trio singing in the afternoon.  After it was all done I simple handed her a card and told her if she wanted to talk to give me a call.  The damage that was done to one of Fathers children was tremendous.  The damage inflicted was against his child by someone she trusted for years.  But the one who did the damage is facing some divine retribution at some point.  As we spoke I could still see the love this woman has for the person who ripped her heart out and threw it on the ground and stomped on it.  I could see the deep, deep wounds in her heart.  I could see just how fragile this person is because of what was done to her.  And I can almost see Father’s anger over the whole situation.  The words of the Christ ring in my ears. As you have done it onto the least of these my brothers you have done it onto me.  I don’t know how Father will deal with the man who did this much damage to one of His kids.  I do know that there needs to be repentance n his part.  This makes me take a hard look at myself.  Who have I hurt?  Who have I taken their heart and stomped on.  I pray that Father will show me and I can make it right.  I encourage each and every one of us to do like wise.   Hurting one of Fathers kids is not something to be taken lightly.

Go in peace