Matthew 25:40
                                                                                            Father got his way.
                Monday I met a friend for lunch in Forest lake Minnesota.  That is about 120 miles from my home.  We discussed many things at lunch this day.  When she went to the powder room the young mother who was our waitress came over.  I showed her Eli.  Her response to it was extremely positive.  I told her the cost of the book and she told me she could not take that amount of money out of the budget.  I had this sense that I should just give her a copy.   I did not.  When my friend and I left the restaurant our waitress had left for the day.  For whatever reason it hounded me that I had not given her a copy of Eli.  That night I did not sleep well at all so yesterday I hopped in my car and headed south.  I had business stops I could make along the way and make the trip worthwhile.  I had some success along the way as our Father guided me where I had to be.  On the way home I was directed to go to Cambridge.  I needed to stop by the library there to discuss getting Eli in their library which is the head of a regional library system.  I could not find the library.  I saw a holiday station I figured that I could go inside and ask directions.  I was to find out the reason for the trip south in a second.  Sometimes it boggles my mind the way our Father in heaven works.  I hopped out of my car at the same second this lady was heading for hers.  Her name is Kim.  I asked her how to find the library and she told me. Then I asked her if she liked to read.  When she answered yes I showed her Eli. I had her read the paragraph on the top of page 25.  At that point she told me she was homeless and a recovering addict.  She was just getting close to God and was putting her life back together. Her response to the book was one of great excitement.   I said a quick prayer as I no longer want to miss what Father is doing with his book he had me write.  I asked her a simple question. Do you have a buck?  She went to her card and came out with 4 quarters.  She happily paid for Eli.  As we got in our respective cars I could not help but ask why not just give it to her.  I was to get the answer quickly.  It was about herself respect.   I am learning that our Father has a reason for everything he does, and tells us to do.  All we have to do is follow his instructions.
Go in peace